KM around Business vs Business Around KM

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Most people may agree that KM can be a driver for growth, and contribute to business.

There also seems to be a realsation that KM as a theoretical concept holds may hold little meaning to business unless backed up by solid practical gains.

I think that just as organisations need to adopt KM, and can use KM as a key differentiator for competitive advantage, It may be of necessary for us KM thinkers, consultants, leaders need to understand business deeply, and then have KM around the business. NOT business around KM.

And maybe therein lies the the central issue why KM is viewed with suspicion within organisations, why it is considered hype, myth.. etc..

In the end it will not be NOT be KM which may let business down. I will be us – KM thinkers, consultants, leaders who may or may not have understood business needs of the organisations.

I think if we were to do a study of successfull and unsuccessfull KM initiaties,the above may come to forth.


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