Who owns KM?

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Just a thought.. ‘who own the organisation?’ the CEO, Chairman? or the people who work in it? the shareholders?..???

Owning KM Systems implementation within the organization is also an issue which needs addressing if KM has to be fruitful within any organization. I think it is a double edged sword.

To have any initiative[be it KM or anything] progress successfully within an organization, you need someone to take ownership for it, else it will get lost in the labyrinths of the organization. at the same time for an initiative like KM it can be an issue as it then can be seen as ‘oh- its the quality guys who are doing this..’ or ‘oh-it’s another HR initiative..’ This represents a very clear and serious danger to KM success.

looking back from my experience, the best KM systems implementations have been when KM has been tied to vision of the company, and not one department. here ‘vision’ is very important. just as vision for a company is for long term, same is true for KM. It is important for all to understand that KM cant be implemented [in a global organization] in a couple of quarters or even years. a KM implementation may take approx 1.5-2 years end to end, and this requires vision. too many KM implementations go pear shaped because KM is seen/sold as some ‘out-of-box’ solution, which it is not.

coming back to vision now. since the top employees of company take ownership of organization vision, i think that whenever ownership of KM is with top management, it represents a very high success potential.

I think that with KM we need to emphasize the difference between ‘ownership of KM systems’ and ‘ownership of implementation of KM systems’

i have seen that in most implementation where top management is ‘owning/responsible/has-buy-in’ for KM, it works well.

for implementation it can be a department within the organization, like say internal/external IT department, with a team representing members from HR/Finance/Central Management etc managing the implementation.


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