Using customer feedback for innovation

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There are numerous examples of how organizations have successfully used customer input for innovation in their business areas. Most of the time what these organizations do is listen to “unstated” needs and desires of their customer and also use comments/anguish/etc as input for innovation in business.

An shining example of such innovation is in “Mattress Industry“. Now you can think of what could be innovative in mattress? and how can an organization listen to customers unstated needs regarding mattresses and innovate?

Here is an example of what Simmons Bedding Co in US did. After fielding thousands of inquiries annually from customers wondering how they should clean their mattresses, Simmons developed the HealthSmart Bed featuring a zip off top that may be laundered or dry cleaned. Until now a mattress has become one of the few things in the home that cannot be rid of allergens, bacteria and odor. In the quest for a clean and healthy sleeping environment, consumers have used vacuums, soap, disinfectant sprays, and baking soda to rid their mattresses of stains, sweat, germs and dust mites. However, the effectiveness of such methods could never be assured.
Read more of it here.. Innovation in Mattress Industry


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