Graduates in the Indian Software Industry

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The bigwigs of the Indian IT industry have announced that they will be recruting ‘graduates’ in their organizations. This move stems from the acute shortage of skilled manpower [read engineers] in the booming Indian IT industry.

There could be interesting ramifications to this:

– Consider that a recent report mentioned that only 25% of the hundred of thousands of engineers being churned out by engineering colleges are worthy of employment in a global context.

– Consider that in India, even today, the best brains go to enginnering colleges.

– The ones that are into ‘graduation [BSc, Msc etc..]’ are NOT into it for the love of it, but are there because they are not cut out for engineering.

– Now if 75% of the so called best brains/enginners are NOT worthy of employment, just imagine what would be ratio of employable graduates. 😦

I believe that this is a short sighted measure by Indian IT industry to cover for the deep ailments of skilled talent shortage. This could also lead to the ‘brahminical’ class culture within organizations — with good enginners being the neo brahimins and the graduates being the other class in the IT industry.

Also it is worth while to find out how many of the NON employable 75% engineers are from the ‘donation/private’ enginnering colleges — where admission is solely based on ‘money’ factor rather than academic factors.

It is really a sad fact that even today in India career decisions are made by parents [sometimes right from early years of a child] and that is what fuels this vicious circle…

Having said the above; there are some good sides to it though.

– This could go a long way in reining in the runaway salary hikes in the Indian IT industry. Companies would certainly be paying less to the graduates and the graduates would be happy to take it.

– IT professionals; who are not upto the mark or doing work that does not require engineering skills would face a reality check in terms of their career growth and salary hikes. Their work could be done by a graduate student.

– It could be a start of a new concept in Indian IT industry: ‘out-skill-sourcing’ . First you had only the computer science enginners/MCA’s as part of the software industry. As the Indian IT industry grew they took on engieenrs from other disciplines — mechanical, electrical, civil…. etc.. to fill in the skilled manpower shortage. Now having exhausted the pool of employable engineers they are looking at the next pool — the graduates. What next? housewives..!!?


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    suryaworldedu said:
    June 6, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Nice Article. Thanks for posting.

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