Sad state of KM

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I think KM is in a stage where internet or ecommerce was in late 90’s. every organisation wanted to have a web presence. everybody predicted that way forward was e-commerce and those e-retailers. if you didn’t have that presence, you’d be dead they proclaimed. I think KM is in very similar state. every organisation seems to claim that they have some sort of KM initiative, strategy in place.

Dont know how many of those organisations actually know what they will realize out of KM initiative. how will it be measured? when will it be measured? 1 year down the line? how long will it take to implement the strategy? each KM vendor claims to have some kind of ROI metrics in place.

Then sometimes i think, that KM has been hijacked by vested groups, each to their own interests. Technology vendors to peddle their so called KM products. imagine email, groupware, portals being touted as KM solutions…. Management consultants to provide ‘high-end’ KM consultancy.. Acedemics arguing about what KM is, or what it is not…

and in all this i see that business organisations are the ones who have lost out.. who have been victims of above groups… i think that business groups dont care a damm about what KM is or wht it is not.. what they have is problems that require unique solutions in this knowledge age, and would like solutions to them…


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