Wiki adoption – Think of a context first…

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Many a times; just because the whole world is going the wiki way, organizations start a wiki initiative and put a wiki in there and say — let’s use it. Many a time it doesn’t work..

Every organization, team, function, or unit needs to first identify the context’s in which Wiki will be used and what needs it will satisfy. In short, you need to answer ‘Why do you want to use Wiki’; and generalities won’t do here. You need to be precise and identify the scenario’s , the context in which your team will use the wiki. Saying that we wil use wiki for ‘collaboration’ just won’t do. Ok.. collaboration for what?

Whatever be the context, say a place to list all the SoP [standard operating procedures] , glossary of terms, cheat sheets, place for sharing infrastructure details, contact details of team members, list of modules within a project and roles & responsibilities, release notes, installation procedures… etc etc..

If you identify even the basic 2-3 scenario’s, the contexts in which your wiki will be used, and then make them work… then wiki adoption will be easy..


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