MindTree Osmosis — A Corporate unconference [http://barcamp.org/osmosis]

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Osmosis is MindTree’s annual technology festival — the celebration of the nerd. It is MindTree’s way of celebrating technology through showcasing achievements, through collaboration in form of discussions and various events &contests.
This year Osmosis is being reinvented to make it it even more participative & self organized. For example:

Osmosis final day will be an ‘unconference’ where MindTree Mindswill decide the topics to be discussed. In the true spirit of an unconference, MindTree Minds will decide, organize and lead thediscussions on the final day of Osmosis.

Keeping in line with the inclusive, participative & self organized spirit of Osmosis 2007, MindTree has decided to open up participation in the Osmosis unconference to the vibrant unconference community in India. This will enable sharing, learning & cross pollination of ideas and also spread the culture of ‘unconferences’ , ‘barcamps’ to
mainstream corporate India. This is also an opportunity to share, discuss & learn on how concepts like unconferences can be brought to the corporate mainstream and the challenges involved.

I believe that that corporates adopting social concepts like unconferences for their ‘formal’ events will help in creating an open, innovative culture & ecosystem in India. While the current generation of professionals is glued & tuned into concepts like unconferences/BarCamps, the ‘decision makers’ in corporate India is not necessarily in touch with these concepts, and such initiatives help in bridging that ‘awareness gap’.

You can register at the http://barcamp. org/osmosis wiki to participate & even propose sessions & talk at the unconference.

Corporate mindset is so tuned & comfortable with a formal conference — and rightly so; because it is so predictable, it’s like been there done that 1000 times; it involves no risk etc. It takes a lot of effort, courage and risk for an organization to adopt the ‘unconference’ format for a formal event and even more to make it open for everyone. Nevertheless; nothing significant is achieved without risks & pain 🙂

Hat’s off to MindTree for taking this positive step. I wish, more & more corporate events become inclusive, open and participative in nature..


3 thoughts on “MindTree Osmosis — A Corporate unconference [http://barcamp.org/osmosis]

    Kumaresan said:
    December 3, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    Wanted to subscribe for the Osmosis Un conferrence.
    could do that with the wiki link..

    Shahnawaz Khan responded:
    December 3, 2007 at 5:24 pm

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