Power of an online community vs. Corporate muscle power

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A series of interesting and very powerful real life events are unfolding that are showing the power of a well know online community vs corporate muscle power.

“Mr Harish has been an unfortunate recipient of Skoda’s appalling standards of service. His only fault? That he spent 12 lakh rupees on the wrong brand. His Skoda had parts worth a whopping 4.0 lakh rupees replaced by counterfeit ones by Skoda’s official dealer / representative; fake parts that could have taken a toll on his family’s life (e.g. fake brake discs installed in his car). Now, Skoda is busy fighting him in court. Not to mention, his Skoda Octavia has yet not been returned to him. IN A YEAR!

Instead of apologising and making up to its so-obviously-wronged customer for their dealer / representative misdeeds, Skoda continues to fight the poor gentleman.

Harish turned to Team-BHP for support and posted his entire Skoda ordeal here (Skoda dealer changes parts in my car = Consumer Court = Car not returned in a YEAR!) with FACTS and supporting pictures.

Skodas response: Threaten the community and trying to curb freedom of speech.

Obviously, this has created a stir within the Team-BHP Community. Members are angry and united against Skoda.

Follow the full story here:



This is going to be a big one and will show the power of online communities in the digital age.


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