Where’s the KM Function in Apple Google & IDEO

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Earlier this month the North American MAKE  (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise ) award winners were announced and the list is as below:

  • Apple
  • APQC
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Fluor
  • Google
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • IDEO
  • Microsoft

Some of the parameters on which MAKE awards are given are:

  • Creating a knowledge-driven enterprise culture
  • Developing knowledge leaders and workers
  • Innovation (R&D, creativity and new product/solution/service design and delivery)
  • Maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Creating a learning organization

The question I have is:

How many of the above organizations have a dedicated KM Function responsible for implementing KM within these organizations and full time CKO’s leading the KM Function? To the best of my knowledge, Apple, Google, IDEO do not have any KM function and yet they are considered.

Some time back I had written this post about “Does KM needs a Dedicated KM Function to be successful” where I had raised some questions about organizations like Apple, Google and others being truly representative of today’s knowledge led enterprises in every sense and do not need a KM function to practice KM. It’s just a way of being for them…

So, do we really need a dedicated KM function for achieving the above? Well, Apple, Google, IDEO and others don’t think so…

Surely, somewhere something is just not right in the KM world…


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