Open Source | why & how can I get involved

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Not many people are ‘unaware‘ of open source in todays world but still they seem hesitant, confused, or intimidated to enter the open source community and start contributing to open source. Mentioned below are some excellent blog posts that I have read in the recent past around this interesting subject.

Why it is important for organizations to build an open source culture, the competitive advantages of the same & some ways on how it can be done.

Why should you, as a developer, actively contribute to open source? — including helping land your next job to writing better code, developing REAL reputation.. It also talks about the barriers to open source contribution

If you are a student, open source can surely help you jump start your career

And yes, even after all this, people will have 1001 million reasons on why they don’t get involved with open source

Yes, open source software programmers are ROCKSTARS..!!!

and finally, some steps on how we can get newbies involved in open source
Happy reading…


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