Hopes, ambitions & aspirations of the new age Indian youth from mufassil towns

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I am not a big fan of the Reality TV Talent Shows but one doesn’t have a choice if one’s spouse has a liking towards them — especially if they are of the song & dance variety. So in recent past I have ended up watching a couple of dance & song reality TV shows at home.

There is something that has struck me about the participants of these shows. I see a huge difference in the attitude & the confidence of the participants in these shows compared to few years earlier. Many of the participants are from the tier-II towns, some even from mufassil towns and quite a few are from a lower middle class income group or at times even lower. Most come from humble background and are the “first generation” singers & dancers in their families.

Almost all these participants acknowledge the hardship they faced in child hood, their family struggles, upbringing & economically backward condition. YET, they don’t seem to be stuck in a ‘cursing the god‘ mindset for their present condition. They seem to be at peace for where they were born and how they lived and come across as people who have hope and are dreamers with very high ambitions. They know how important it is for them to succeed & what success means — beyond the immediate. They come across as people ready for the struggle, hard work and eager to make their mark. They are uninhibited, clear on their goals and it is also good to see parents support these young Indians. Of course, one can see the hopes/aspirations in the eyes of the parents when they talk.

For example, in a recent episode I saw a  person who sells fruits on the roadside and who learnt to dance himself; A 19 years old girl from kolkatta who teaches dance, learns also, is a backup dancer in films, does bit choreography and comes from a petty shopkeeper family. A contestant where the father has passed away and the mother stitches clothes to support the family. A contestant who works as a welder in a steel plant and practices dance at night. A contestant who is hearing & speech impaired, a contestant whose parents are hearing & speech impaired. And believe me, all these contestant could dance pretty well. Once they took the dance floor you could only appreciate the dedication & the hard work put in by these young Indians and their talent. You could not imagine the hardships & the daily struggle they go through in their personal life. The confidence in these people is just something else. They don’t come across as the shy, ‘villager lost in town and in awe‘ types.

I, personally, am very happy & pleased to see that. A young generation full of hope & dreams and ready to slog it out for what they are passionate about is good for any country. These people are the real role models for other people in the country, with similar backgrounds, wanting to follow their dreams..!!! These are the people who give hope to their dreams and are contributing in creating a generation of youth that is ready to follow their dreams


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