iKAMP, a BarCamp for Innovation & Knowledge Management | 9th July 2011 | Bangalore Whitefield

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iKamp BarCamp MindTree unconferenceThe innovation & KM unconference is being planned for the 9th July 2011 in Bangalore on the 9th July 2011 @ MindTree Ltd Campus in Whitefield.

This will be a gathering of  practicing KM & Innovation professionals for discussing topics that are important to KM & Innovation professionals and get insights from fellow colleagues in an informal environment.
In true unconference style, there will be no KeyNote speakers or Chief Guests. All topics to be decided by the participants themselves. So everybody is requested to actively take part by contributing to the event wiki with your ideas!

The list of suggested topics to be discussed is quite interesting & relevant for the innovation & KM professionals.

  • Why KM alone will not work. KM need’s to collaborate better with other departments KM Systems.
  • Why “build it and they will come” doesn’t work
  • Compliance or Adoption: Key to success of KM
  • Everyone, including their Mother-in-law & their dog has an opinion on KM/Innovation. Challenges for KM/Innovation professionals
  • Social/Web2.0 Systems & approaches to KM & Innovation. Have they delivered?
  • Boot-strapping KM & Innovation within organizations without formal mandates
  • Future of KM/Innovation professionals. Is there any; beyond content management?
  • Reality Check: The organization cares two hoot about KM and is just a ‘nice to have’ function
  • Communities: In the age of internet & google, what’s the advantage of communities within organizations
  • KM for Project Delivery & Large Accounts
  • Innovation 101. What are we talking here? Innovation in IT Services business? You must be joking

More details here on this barcamp wiki page


Google Map for the MindTree Office


One thought on “iKAMP, a BarCamp for Innovation & Knowledge Management | 9th July 2011 | Bangalore Whitefield

    sandeep said:
    August 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm


    Can you tell us about the new dates for the iKAMP ?

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