Why I did not opt for the LinkedIn 30 days free job seeker package offer

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By checking this box, you agree to the following terms. Your paid account will renew automatically, unless we terminate it, or you notify Customer Service by email (customer_service@linkedin.com) of your decision to terminate your paid account. You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card.

Recently, LinkedIn sent out an offer where members could upgrade their account for a job seeker package for free — for 30 days.

Nothing wrong with this offer but as a user I felt uncomfortable with the terms and conditions and did not sign up. I do not know if I missed out a good opportunity to try out that feature of LinkedIn or not. However, I was just plain uncomfortable with the words on the screen.

I wondered what if… that email of mine landed in their junk folders? What if they said that they never received the email.. What if they said that.. oh you did not send it from ‘that’ email account… All kind of worst case scenarios came to mind.

Now, one could argue that LinkedIn is doing nothing wrong is is being transparent and upfront with the terms and conditions. It is upto the users to decide accordingly after reading them. But still, as a user I felt uncomfortable. I felt as I was getting tricked into this and the whole onus of getting out of this mess will be on me.

Somehow, most companies just talk about customer satisfaction as intent but their actions don’t go beyond lip service. I had sometime back written about Fake Smiles & Customer Satisfaction

So, what would have made me take the trial offer & and upgrade for 30 days? Maybe the terms could be like this:

  • LinkedIn will send me a reminder XX days before the card will be charged. It will again send me a final reminder 1 day before the trial account expires
  • LinkedIn will also show me a message on the web application when I visit LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn will give me a web option to unsubscribe from within my account itself. The button/link will be somewhere on ‘my account/profile settings’ itself

That would have made my try the package without blinking. It would have gine beyond customer satisfaction into customer delight.

So, LinkedIn, if you are listening, please, NO EMAIL BUSINESS for cancellation. If you can build such great software, I am sure you can build a button/link/check-box for me to cancel the trial account.

What do you as readers think? Do you get wary of such T&C’s? Would you sign up or hesitate? What could LinkedIn do better?


One thought on “Why I did not opt for the LinkedIn 30 days free job seeker package offer

    Jeannette said:
    January 20, 2012 at 2:27 am

    I came to your website via a google search because I have exactly the same qualms that you have. Apparently LinkedIn didn’t read or react to your post, because 7 months later it is exactly the same!

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