Trying to Cross-Sell | Standard Chartered Bank seems clueless and baits with misleading information

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There is no criminal offence against organizations trying to cross-sell & up-sell to their customers. In fact, that is desired and if it can be done correctly & effectively, it can be a win-win situation for both the customer & the organization.

Here is an example of an attempt by Standard Chartered Bank, trying to cross-sell a loan to me, gone horribly wrong. Infact it makes you wonder, what were people @ Standard Chartered Bank smoking when they did this 🙂

I am a credit card customer with  Standard Chartered bank and one fine day, after logging in, I see a customized message saying”I have been pre-selected for a loan of up-to 6 lacs“.

I wonder how did the bank determine all this and am curious about finding this out. I want to know what does ‘pre-selected’ mean. I want to find out what is special about this offer from the bank to me

I want to try this and hence give it a go and use ‘click to apply’

This is where I get a shock. At first I wonder if I have clicked on the wrong link. I go back and click again. No luck. It is still the same page where I am being asked to fill in every detail of mine again.

How come? Wait a minute, wasn’t I pre-selected for the loan?

Then it strikes that this is nothing but a very shoddy attempt by the bank at cross-selling.  Infact this is nothing but an online version of ‘baiting’ with misleading information and if I may say done purposefully.

Infact, there is nothing ‘pre-selected’ about this whole thing. This is almost a scam for me — from an ethical sense.

Believe me, Standared Chartered Bank can do better with all the info it already had about me.

What do you think? Is the bank being ethical in trying to cross-sell by baiting customers with misleading information?

Have you come across attempts at cross-selling gone horribly wrong? Do share..


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