Bharti Airtel & the potential 1 rupee scam & fraud that could run into millions

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I have an airtel connection and there has been several instances of ‘unwanted & unasked for’ services that have been activated on my mobile phone and 1 rupee of 2 rupees deducted without notice. This gives rise to several questions on the ethics of airtel & the potential fraud /scam that might be.

Here is an example of an SMS i received which showed an unwanted/unasked for service being activated on my mobile and 1 rupee being deducted.  Some time later in the evening, I again get an SMS, this time for 2 rupees deducted this time around. I then call airtel where I am charged 50 paise to speak to the agent to talk about this issue.

When I talk to the agent, she tried brushing this under the carpet and said that i can cancel this if I want. She had no answer to why & how this service was started in the first place. I could clearly make out that the agent would have been getting several calls like that as she did not seem surprised at all and neither did offer any insight or intention to look into why such service was started without subscribers permission. She did not even offer regrets that this has been done and forget about offering refund and credit of the amount back.

Now below could be a very realistic situation:

This kind of a micro 1 rupee scams being played on millions of airtel subscribers and potential fraud being committed by cheating customers.

The reason I suspect this is that:

  • Many people may just ignore this considering that this is just 1 rupee thing.
  • Many people may stop this service and forget about this and not escalate this to airtel thinking why waste time on 1 rupee
  • Many people not even coming to realize that such 1 rupee amounts are being deducted from their accounts

Anyone has idea of where this could be escalated and brought to notice for investigation.

It is really painful that a company run by Mr Sunil Mittal, who espouses to be the torch bearer of corporate ethics operates in this manner of cheating the customer — however the small the amount maybe. to notice. Anyone else facing such issues?

This is a breach of trust and trust once lost in a brand, by such behavior, is lost forever.

EDIT: A quick Google Search on this subject showed that this is indeed an issue voiced by many of the customers on various forums on the internet


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