Mr Sunil Bharti: Are You Listening? Your company (Bharti Airtel) is setting benchmarks for Poor, Horrible, Bad Customer Service & Unethical Practices

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Mr Sunil Bharti, Are you listening?

In Late June 2012, I had written about my experience with a potential scam that Bharti Airtel could be running which could runs into millions.

A simple scam where they activate some 1 rupee a day service without asking for consent from the user and deduct money. An investigation & research on google threw pages after pages of such complaints. Just check for yourself using this link  and see what how many horror stories there are about people being cheated by Airtel.

Anyway, I had blogged about it, tweeted the incident & even posted the same on Airtel facebook page. This is their response (or the lack of it) and the story further.

Twitter Exchange:

Airtel Fraud

Their folks on twitter (either their agency or whoever is managing that account) made the right noises but then nothing happened.

Till date, no one has contacted me or reached out to me to address this. This proves that their responses on twitter are just useless facade and they have no intention of addressing the issue.

I gave them enough time and gave all the information but zilch results.!!! It’s been 2 months.

Facebook Exchange:

I had posted the same on facebook and attached is their response. Same  cookie cutter promise of a response & action but nothing has happened.

No effort on Airtel part to reach out or address the issue. Only false promises and no real action.

The  question is why Airtel is indulging in such unethical practices & a potential fraud of charging consumers of services which they have never asked for? Surely, so many people complaining about the same must haven’t got unnoticed by the company.

So, the real question is why is Airtel not doing something about it and addressing the core issue.

So, Mr Sunil Bharti, are you listening?


One thought on “Mr Sunil Bharti: Are You Listening? Your company (Bharti Airtel) is setting benchmarks for Poor, Horrible, Bad Customer Service & Unethical Practices

    Prateek Khare said:
    April 14, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    I completely agree with the critical point raised here in terms of legacy issue. Any customer service that backs the fraud is liable to be pitted in the e-world and otherwise. Hands down!

    Unrelated to this post but relevant to the overall blog theme :

    The two key takeaway from your Twitter and Facebook snapshots and my only good ‘social customer service’ experience in India (with Airtel), are that Airtel is one of those few companies who understand social computing and that the ‘connected customer’ in India is now on the other side of the ‘tipping point’ of being ‘talked at’ by brands.

    Although the (limited) overall sentiment analysis is not conclusive ( Few links : and It goes to show that team ‘Airtel’ (or whoever manages their ‘social’ customer service) ‘gets’ “social business”, online reputation management, content tone/timing, etc. However, I agree that the product needs to be robust first and any ‘social’ engagement is incomplete without the client’s ‘last word’.

    The organisations need to move away from process driven approach and adapt an experience driven approach where customer involvement is not limited to push, pull or even engagement but is now about ‘co-creation’

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