Geeky Times: The best of Indian entrepreneurship ecosystem news on your mobile

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I love reading Indian startup news. everything about them — what’s the latest startup getting launched, who’s got funded, who’s trolling who, who’s sharing their learning’s & story etc.  However, I had to wade through more than half a dozen websites & apps to read all these. On top of that, the experience on mobile was not what I would have wanted.

My love for android programming & the need to read startup news in a convenient manner on my mobile got me to create Geeky Times. The app is a feed reader that fetches Indian start-up content on mobile and get’s me to read news at one place without having to go to different sites or open different apps.

Sharing it here so that people can try it out in case they have similar needs. The app is a weekend project/side project of mine and hence could have a few rough edges. There is no rocket-science-big-data-backend or high-funda-technology used in the app. It’s just a plain & simple app that does one and only one thing — help me in my reading of startup news 🙂

The download link is:



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