KM India Conference

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Had attended the KM India conference in Delhi from 14th to 16th Nov. Though I must say that it was one of the better conferences I attended, but still I would put it as a waste of time. You know, the speakers, the panelist — even though intelligent people in their own right, don’t have anything worthwhile to say.. Sometimes I feel that this whole conference business is a sham, I feel it’s like the scenario of nobody saying that the ‘King is naked’.

I mean, these speakers, panelists, keynote speakers have ‘nice things’ to say but is that equivalent of ‘relevant things’ to say? At times, the question asked is something and the answer is something else. 🙂 Imagine speaker after speaker saying that India is into a knowledge era and that the managing of this environment is very important and there are issues with our education system and so on and on.. whoopie do.. EVERYONE knows that.. it’s not anything new…

Anyway, as usual the best discussions happened over lunch, tea & coffee.. and that’s what I like about ‘unconferences’ that they are a ‘one long coffee break’..