OffRoad Thrills: India’s first mobile app for the 4×4 & off-road enthusiast, available on android playstore

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4×4 off-road is one of the fastest growing adventure motor-sports in the country and there is need for people to learn different aspects of off-road; such as safety, vehicle modifications, and off-road driving styles in a concise and easy to understand manner at one place on a mobile device.

As an avid off-road enthusiast, always wanted to create something for the off-road community in India and created OffRoad Thrills mobile app as part of the Bangalore OffRoad Drivers Association (B.O.D.A) initiative to bring 4×4 off-road closer to everyone.

OffRoad Thrills provides users with quick tips on off-road basics, 4×4 technology, off-road driving, modifications & recovery. There is a section with hand-picked off-road videos to learn about various off-road aspects. Users can view listing of prominent 4×4 clubs across India and join them. A calendar of popular off-road events is provided and the app also features listings of prominent off-road modifiers/garages, accessories & equipment suppliers for off-roaders to modify and prepare their 4×4 vehicles for off-road.

OffRoad Thrills is now available for free download worldwide on the android play store and an iPhone version is planned later.

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