Off The Road [OTR]: It’s not the destination but the journey….

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Off The Road [OTR] means taking your vehicle off the paved roads, onto the dirt tracks, rocky tracks or no tracks. OTR is usually done with 4×4 vehicles like Jeep, Gypsy, etc. There are many OTR groups across the country that have passionate and enthusiastic people who believe that going OTR on a weekend is better than being a couch potato watching TV or hanging out at the latest Shopping Mall in the city. I am part of one such group in Bangalore and we regularly go out for off road adventures.

Here is an account of one such adventure and the learning tat one can draw from it.

9 OTR enthusiasts in 6 Gypsies assembled outside IIM on Bannerghatta Road at 6.30 am on a beautiful Sunday morning with cool breeze blowing, deserted roads with virtually no traffic (Imagine, all of us were there at sharp 6.30 AM. No one was late and that too on a Sunday morning!). We all headed straight to our destination — Pearl Valley [Anekal] some 20 kms from the city. Needless to say that we all had a wonderful time navigating and negotiating the terrain in our Gypsies. Read the rest of this entry »