Ideas for the next big social application

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The dot com era in the late 90’s and early part of this decade had all kinds of businesses vying to be on the internet and become ‘online‘. You had online shopping, dating, banking, grocery, friends, home pages etc etc.

In the past 3-4 years, the same can be said about the ‘social’ or web2.0 phenomenon. everyone ants to build some kind of a social network application and ride the wave. So, this had me thinking that if in today’s world, one wants to build a truly successful social application, where are the opportunities for this? Which areas should one look at for building the next big social application.

I analyzed the current successful (a relative term) social applications and the ‘areas‘ that they are in. These are by no means the definitive social applications but are listed as representative samples of applications in various areas.

The first level nodes in the mindmap below represent the areas. For example, YouTube is about making videos social & open, twitter is about making SMS/messaging social & open and so on…

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I believe that if one wants to build the next successful social application, then one could always try and build a better and game changing social application OR find out areas that are not yet ‘socially enabled’ and create social applications in that space.

I can bet that the next twitter/facebook would not be in the areas mentioned above but in adjacent areas or areas not mentioned above.  Now, I need to go and find out those areas and..!!!

Getting ideas 🙂