Forget the rules…change the game itself

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Imagine you are an aspiring world class athlete and running marathons is your forte. You have all the necessary skills & training required from a marathon runner and there is no doubt in your capability to perform at the highest level. However, there is one BIG issue….

The race started some time ago and you are late for the start..!!!! While you are staring at the start line; rest of the runners are already 10 KMs into the marathon race. And mind you, your competitors are as skilled & trained as you are…

How are you going to win the race?? Forget winning, how can you plan your strategy to be ‘even there’ in the race?

  • Can you run faster? For how long?
  • Can you win/out run your competition by following the SAME route the runners who started before you took?

To win, to be counted, you need to alter the rules of the game or even change the game itself.

Instead of running the marathon all along the road and following a set route/path, you might have to run on the cattle trails of the mountain, cutting across hills — gaining ground for the lost time.

In a nutshell, do whatever it takes but don’t just follow. Just by following the runners before you and trying to run faster than them will not take you anywhere..!!!

PS: Europeans did this in hockey to Asians, ‘fosbory flop’ did it to high jump etc…