Social Customer Care – 101 | A real life story of social media at work

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Here is my story of experiencing ‘first hand’ the power of social media in customer care. Some time back I had done online shopping from and somehow the service went horribly wrong

So, what do I as a customer do? I send email to their customer support….

  • No response for 2 days (In internet era, customers except instant response)
  • Reminder email after 2 days
  • Standard response from company customer service
  • Customer still not satisfied. Sends email again but then no response for 2 weeks from company. Total dead end for customer

Frustrated & pissed, I revert to social media sites and post my horrid experience with on a customer review community website. And viola..!!! Like magic, things move and issue is resolved in 2 days.

  • Customer marketing team identified issue – Social Media works in Marketing
  • Some one from the organization quickly follows up with the customer and addresses the issue – Social Media works in Customer Service
  • Customer informs the company & acknowledges that issue is addressed – Social Media works in in socializing, word-of-mouth marketing
  • Organization satisfied a customer – Social Media works in customer service

Do you, as a customer, have any stories of experiencing social customer care? Is your organization ready for such scenarios?


2 thoughts on “Social Customer Care – 101 | A real life story of social media at work

    sureshsk said:
    August 23, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    I had a similar experience with Myntra. I had place an order for a T-shirt. Not only did they send me a wrong one but also the one that was of a size much smaller than the one I had ordered. I did follow up withe customer care, but did not receive any response at all.

    Since then I have never been to their site nor trust other vendors around like the one you mentioned. It has left a bad taste in my mouth!!!

    rozycontractor said:
    September 4, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Shopped for formal wear in HK!

    Spent a total of 100£ for something worth less than half price, paid 10£+ in delivery + 20£ in UK customs?!?
    Photos on sites are not “their own”, so they copy the style from other western outfits.
    However a custom colour chosen by me was not honored, and now they refuse to refund me the monies!
    Called them up, sent them photos of wrong color, poor stitching & finish, imperfect fall of the dress for my daughter’s special occassion. Emailed them for over one month too!

    Total crooks, you relaize post sale, they don’t take any client feedback on-the-site, so you cannot even rate them lowly!

    MORAL OF THIS EXPERIENCE: Never shop in HonkKong based tailoring online sites….especially

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