KAMP — The first KM Unconeference

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I, along with couple of friends, just finished organizing the KAMP @ MindTree.


There were nearly 20 intense sessions with lots of discussions, debate, passionate view points. There was even a ‘knowledge cafe’ conducted in the evening. There were even ‘paper shining stars’ that participants could give to anyone — whose sessions they they liked, whose questions they liked.. or just liked interacting with them during the day..

There were sessions that addressed the basic, fundamental, theoretical aspects of KM and also sessions which were oriented towards practical issues w.r.t KM and it’s role in an organization.

Interesting, the whole concept of barcamps/unconferences are fundamentally about knowledge sharing & learning, and one would expect that KM professionals would be tuned to this concept. However; almost none of the participants knew about barcamp and this was the first time they were attending one.

It was a wonderful experience with most of the participants really happy with the ‘unconference’ format of the KAMP. Looks like the participants really enjoyed the whole ‘unconference’ experience

The best part — there was a KM-India conference in Delhi a week ago. Most of the people who attended both KM India & KAMP, liked the KAMP lot better. They found the energy in the KAMP, the user generated agenda, content much better than the formal KM-India coference.

I think the proof of KAMP success is the fact that by the evening, participants were asking when & where the next KAMP would be. Infact, lots of participnts wanted KAMp to be monthly ‘unevent’ from now on.