Corporate Version of “Moments of Truth”

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A recent book that I was reading reminded me of a yet to be published book that has been lingering in my mind for a very long time.

We have the seminal book — ‘my experiments with truth’ by Mahatma Gandhi and for long I have desired to read a contemporary and a corporate version of that message. A version that has been written by a great corporate leader, talking about ‘moments of truth’ from a corporate context. A journey through the tough moments in the corporate world with all the human elements of their right and wrong decisions, human failure, temptations, greatness, etc. The book would NOT be about the ‘company/organization’ but about the business leader and their ‘moments of truth’.

The book can be written by a business leader, looking back at his/her own corporate journey(from a ‘moments of truth’ perspective) or can be a compilation of chapters from all the great business leaders of this country(or the world).

I am sure that the young professional would benefit immensely from such experiences. Too often we have books that portray our business leaders as heroes but very few, if any, that talk about their being human and their ‘moments of truth’ in a corporate context. I also know that this is a very sensitive subject and not many people would be willing to share their ‘moments of truth’…